There are two things happening on Saturday that you can use to build out your Learning Center. 

First, I will be releasing our Teachable PLR videos. This will be first thing on Saturday morning at 9 AM EST.  

Second, I’ll be creating workshop materials for you for a Live Local Meetup that I will be doing for ‘civilians’ in online marketing.  I was originally going to do this yesterday (Thursday) but decided to push it back to see if I could get some more local interest. I will give you access to the actual workshop (recorded) script, and the machine transcription as a bonus when you get Sajan’s Udemy PLR.  Go here to get access to both: 

If you want to skip our resources page and go straight to the product page, go here:  

Encouraged By Reading Traffic Secrets 

I have been listening to the book Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson, and am encouraged that many of the things that I have been saying to you over the years and in particular over the last six months are things that he is also saying. So, even though I am pretty comfortable when I open my mouth that I’m not steering you wrong, it was good nonetheless to hear many of those things repeated.   

Mainly, the product snowball and content factory which has been my mantra since 2015….is all there.  And even what I teach in the 17-hour 30 Day Challenge and the more recent Video Reseller Challenge PLR.   That said, it’s a good read and I would encourage you to go through it yourself.  Once you do, write back and let me know your impressions.  If you’ve already read it, and you’ve implemented stuff, I’d love to know what you think…again, hit reply and write back.