Laurel asked me last night,
“WHY is Mike Tyson fighting at 50+–he’s going to get killed!” 

I told her, “He’s fighting another middle-aged old dude; he’ll be fine.” And pfft–they got Laurel (and lots of other people who also care less about boxing) to pay attention.  And while one may do some kind of real damage to the other, it’s going to be quite a spectacle. And quite a ‘green’ shower. Ultimately, that’s WHY he’s fighting, yes? 

You may be neither Tyson, nor Jones, but you and your customers are typically a good idea away from a “spectacle” and shower of your own. And this weekend is a good time to “stock up” on tools you’ll need… 

1) Become an Ultimate Insider and stock up on our content 
I’ve set up a Black Friday sale within Ultimate Insider.  As a member, you can go to the Winter Discount area and get half off the launch pricing of any of our 2020 content. Go here to become an Ultimate Insider:

2) Get access to unlimited PLR and our training and tech library 
I have set Tuesday night at the date when our Tech Library and Learning Center goes to $47 from $17.  Right now, I’ve bundled it as a Black Friday offer. Go here to get the Library:

3) Get PLR to a software application that helps PLR users 
Francis and Diego have put together a very interesting PLR offer.  It’s basically designed for you to implement as a PLR user, but also for you to sell to others that use PLR. Basically, what you’re doing is showing people how to add all of the necessary legal pages to their offer. Very clever. I’m going to give you access to 20 over-the-shoulder AWeber videos when you get this.  When you get the upgrade, I’ve set it up so that you get the advanced video set. Go here to get both:

4) Get one-on-one coaching along with Omar’s PLR and tools 
I’m probably underselling this to call this PLR.  It’s a bit more than that. Or to place emphasis on our bonus which is one hour of one-on-one coaching…or the additional presentation that Omar gave me to give to you. There are more tools and content there that you can use. At the same time, don’t discount the resources I’m adding because rather than piling on more stuff (he’s giving you plenty) I’m giving you something you can’t get elsewhere. Go here to get it: