Our formal date for re-open of Ultimate Insiders will be September 2nd!

The formal re-open of Ultimate Insiders will include some new pieces that will definitely help you to get and put your video PLR to use:

1.) You’ll get access to the full funnel of our next PLR video course which is Anchor Podcasts prior to its public launch during September. (Date TBD.) And you’ll get one every month thereafter. And you’ll also get access to any updates I re-do from the courses I did with my ex-partner from PLR Experts in 2018 and 2019. 

2.) You’ll also get all of my promotional selling workshop content to use in your own workshops. 

3) We are adding all of the on-screen over-the-shoulder tutorials we’ve ever created and making them searchable.  This means that if you use our content to learn the process, you’ll benefit from being able to use only the ones you need when you need them. This will be our own version of the Learning Center, which is currently under construction but will be complete in full in September.

4) You’ll get bonus software to help you to build your Learning Center.  The licenses are first come first serve, and are available to members as long as they remain a member. As of this moment, licenses include CoachZippy, Vidscribe and WebinarLoop.  All 3 will help you successfully complete your Learning Center.

5) You’ll be at the front of the line for support and we’re available to you for all of your business related questions. 

6) You’ll get all of our Success Path courses like the one we just completed: The Learning Center Hackathon. There is more, but I will have an information session workshop for you on the 2nd.  Be on the lookout for it.  

Kaptiwa Discounted Special Offer 

One of the deals that Kaptiwa has is its one time pricing on video hosting.  This deal is offered from time to time. Right now, the coupon codes are working along with the link that allows you to get the Webinar Vault bonus that we put together. Make sure to use the following codes in the checkout area: 
“jvzsplstart” for 67% off the Starter Version
“jvzsplpro” for 67% off the Pro Version 

To see our bonus offer go here: 

To go direct to the page, go here: 

PS: I am considering adding this to our bonus software in Ultimate Insider, although I’ve not made a final decision.