When I was in college, one of my good friends was literally infatuated with recording artist Sade (pronounced SHAR-DAY).  It wasn’t drudgery (her music was/is good), but the result of this was that some of her music is still in my head decades later. 

One of her songs, “Nothing Will Come Between Us” has a line in it that says, 
“It’s about, faith”
“It’s about, trust” 

And I think trust is an element that if you can add it to your Learning Center or your PLR offers; it will matter as much as the bonuses you’re offering or the content your putting up. 

I am going to help you to establish trust in the next step of building our your Learning Center by establishing a regular workshop.  Use this as your excuse to get started teaching. In 4 weeks, you’ll have it set up right and you’ll even avoid the mistakes I made when doing my own weekend calls over the course of 4+ years.  I’m using these same strategies right now in my local meetup/workshop. Go here: 

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There Are Some Cool Bonuses With This Hackathon 

There are some cool bonuses with this Hackathon:

One is a set of PLR videos teaching GoToWebinar. I mainly want you to be able to watch them in case you decide to use the platform. But if you don’t, that’s fine; you can still use them according to the rights certificate in there. 

There is also my Workshop Revolution PLR course for you in case you don’t already have it. 

And just for kicks, there are three additional PLR video courses for you to use. I purposely though left them out of the sales video so that I can remove them without any trouble. So, as long as they’re on the sales page, they’re yours. 

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