There will be two titles in July, and the next one of them will be an update on Sales Funnels.  The second will be from scratch.  That means both of them will be inside Ultimate Insiders. 

Podcast PLR and Our Additional Resource 

Yesterday, we put together a resource for the podcasting PLR package that will help you by giving you content to conduct your own webinar training before you attempt to sell the package. I am a believer in workshop trainings over webinars, especially if your goal is to develop a long term relationship with the people you are training and to get them to come back to you over and over again to make purchases. You’re also getting 5 hours of additional audio case studies to go with it.  Go here to get everything + the PLR: 

The Re-Opening of Ultimate Insiders and Content Upgrades 

I will also briefly re-open Ultimate Insiders to new members and then close it again for more changes. The next time I close it will be for an extended period of time as I’ll be focused on new titles as well as the process of re-doing everything I did as part of the PLR Experts partnership. I will be making all of this video training and content more unique to my style and direction over the next couple of years.  This includes my training titles like product snowball formula where I will be adding in case studies and proof to content. I will be doing the proof in stages and you can get it as it’s being formed if you’re an Ultimate Insider.  We are not open to the public right now, but you can get first notification by making sure you’re on the waitlist here: 

Tricky Nick 

Nick has been in-the-trenches doing Offline Marketing for a long time.  I didn’t like “closing” and cold-calling so I didn’t last long as a straight up consultant. But, I do like to train and have something to sell. And Nick always has something that I can easily use to make an offer that these people will really like. So, here is what to do… Do a training for business owners on Business Blogging.  Make a content blog offer at the end.  Charge what you want. Use Nick’s tools and content to do it here: