The last couple of days, you’ve may have read or skipped over the fact that I created the machine transcriptions of my 52 week video series called Xtreme Business Makeover and gave them to you as a bonus when you get the Facebook E-Commerce PLR that was released. Get all 52 machine transcribed sessions (97% accuracy) here in the check out area:

Tuesday Night Training was the Reason Why I Did It 

There was a definite reason as to why I did it and that was because I am doing a new version of the series this year. I’ve not yet decided whether it will be free or paid, but I’m looking a Tuesday Nights as Training nights.  This will allow me to combine what I do with you with what I am doing in my local Meetup. This will also give me an excuse to give Ultimate Insiders content to sell PLR Offers.  One bonus I have wanted to do a long time for the monthly members is to provide more intensive marketing materials that I am actually using to do workshops and make sales. If you’re an Insider, this will help you to teach others before you ask them for the sale for packages like our Clubhouse over the shoulder instructional PLR Videos.

Practicing What I Preach 

One of the things that I have encouraged and done for years is to do a Q and A call and a training call.  I believe in this even more than doing a podcast. In fact, if you do these calls on a regular basis, you will never lack content for: 1.) Any or all of your social media channels2.) Your YouTube Account And best of all you will be generating your own traffic.  It’s slow and organic, but you will be in charge of it. As as I taught in E-Training Playbook, you can make an offer every week and actually USE your PLR to sell. To that end, I will be returning to my Saturday Night Q and A after a few years.  It has been difficult to return to due to my schedule, but I feel like now is necessary. This week I will cover some of the basics of TikTok which will coincide with the videos we are releasing to you this week.  Keep a look out for our messaging.