Today in my earlier email, I talked about what to do to get unstuck if you don’t want to sell to the W+/Zoo crowd.   But what if you DO want to sell to this market?  or…you’re indifferent to whether you do or not? 

That dilemma kept me running in circles for 3 entire years before I actually did my first solo launch and made my first sale. Unfortunately, I am a “why” learner.  Meaning…Until I understand why something works, I can’t quite get moving.  (This is probably why I enjoy creating technical PLR videos, btw).  

IM is typically for people and programmers that are indifferent to why something works.  They get a method, plan or program and follow it.  No questions asked. But that’s not me.  I’m last born in my family, so I question absolutely everything.  Even some things that don’t need to be questioned. And it took me a long time to get moving as a result. 

That’s why I took 17 hours to explain the context of “why” in the Zoo/W+ world and then gave you the rights to do the same.  It was to spare you and any other why learner that you have to teach or coach the pain of inertia:

Why I’m Wary of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Etc. 

This will explain why I am so wary of the socials and even YouTube and why I think we must all come to the point where we own our media (I am personally transitioning this year). If the content and conversations created BY your brand about your brand take place on another platform, you don’t own it…you rent it. 

Now, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get people to move off these platforms to engage with you.  But this is business.  It shouldn’t be easy. But to think that these platforms are free and here for you to build a business on is naive. 

Every single month somebody loses part of their business they built on these big “free” platforms of this because of something totally out of their control. The platform shuts it down and says, sorry, bye…Or sometimes they don’t even say sorry. That’s why I am so adamant that you get your PLR content into a Learning Center and move more and more of your customers there as I discuss it here:

Best Thing I Ever Did in the Zoo/W+ Space 

I got my start in Offline/Local Consulting PLR.  And I was really struggling to get people to promote me. Paying my dues wasn’t working. This was 2012. So, what did I do?  I did my own Summit. I can’t say I crushed it, income wise, at the time.  And a lot more people turned me down than said yes. But some people did say yes–and I am still living on that boost today and don’t even work in the Offline PLR market. So, if you’re teaching and coaching, it’s one thing that you can encourage your people to do to get moving: