Tonight is Session Four of the Learning Center Hackathon.  We will discuss the connection of the hosted videos to the Learning Center platform.  Next week we will then finish up with locking up the content with some kind of member platform and connecting to your shopping cart. There is absolutely still time to sign up tonight to get started. And even if you didn’t start with us, you can still start today with the Week One replay and be done in four weeks. What’s really cool is that last week (technically still Session 3 – Part 2) is that you get to see some of what people are actually doing.  It’s some show and tell…very cool to see people completing the process. Go here to get going:

Next After The Hackathon: Workshop Revolution 

In 2017, I did a PLR project called Workshop Revolution.  It was PLR on how to start doing a local workshop. I am expanding that concept for the next stage of what we will be doing after this Hackathon.  We will be creating the platform for you to make the offer to your customers to get into your Learning Center.  Part of that process is to be doing a weekly workshop. I am right in the middle of that process in establishing a new niche in my local area working with the Meetup that I have. 

When Firelaunchers released their Google My Business PLR this was a great chance for me to take their topic and turn it into a Workshop to teach. Since I don’t know it all that well, this is a great use of PLR for me. But I thought it would also be cool if I gave you: 
1) My Presentation
2) My Outline/Script
3) My Recording
4) My Transcript 

When you get Google My Business through my link.   Then you can do the same thing in your niche with what I give you.  Basically I am giving you my entire set up. Go get it here:

Does This Mean I Want to Consult?  Nope…There are Better and Smarter People for That 

You know what would I do if I actually had someone that wanted to use my services? Honestly, I know there are people inside of Ultimate Insider that would do a better job of taking care of someone that wanted a consultant. So, I’d be looking to hand that person off to one of them. 

I am looking for the DIY customer that doesn’t have the money to pay a consultant.  And wants to learn. And all of the consultants inside of Ultimate Insider that I know are interested in doing both.  They use PLR to teach and keep clients educated…but at the same time they are building their own learning centers. Smart cookies. This is something that as an internet marketer you should be teaching as a public service. 

Even if you’re not interested in the bonuses we’ve put together.   Get this and do some good for the hood: 

PS…Our next project will be about Podcasting using Anchor.  Make sure that you have our last on screen project here: